Training Concept of the IGS

The IGS offers the opportunity to complete an efficient, structured doctoral training program and pursues an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to higher education.
Founded on specifications by supervisors or requirements by doctoral candidates and guest researchers, innovative complementary qualification measures have been developed, tested, evaluated and optimized. These explicitly include internationality, interdisciplinarity and the demands of the research area logistics.
Key qualifications can only be trained by repeated practical experience; thus the IGS ensures continuity of several of the following measures to improve transferable skills.
The IGS offers different individual, interdisciplinary courses. Every course has one of two formats: either an ongoing course where a course unit takes place once a week every two weeks in an organizational period of approximately six months, or a workshop running from half a day up to two days. A course is structured into classes of typically five students (ongoing course) or twelve students (workshop). Disciplinary lecture series and other courses given by international professors are offered as block courses of one week up to 20 days.

Terms and Conditions of IGS’ courses

Any registration for a course offered by the IGS is binding after you receive a confirmation for your application. You are expected to attend class without exception.
Please, be aware that the entries in the IGS calendar are always up-to-date and binding. You will receive access to it after registration for a course. If you are not able to attend a specific class, please always inform the organizer in time, i.e. at least two days before the appointed date, by sending an email to courses(at)
In order to be polite, please, also inform your group and the lecturer of the concerning course. If the participants do not observe this rule and the lecturer does not have any participants for a class, the group has to pay for the wasted time and money.
If you generally cannot attend class any more or if you want to entirely cancel your participation in a course, please inform the organizer as soon as possible. The IGS will offer your place to someone else.
After any course, we will ask you for an evaluation. Please, fill in the evaluation sheet in time and return it to our main communication channel.