Doctoral Candidates INT

Raúl Ignacio Castillo Villagra  homepage   Mail
Production Engineering
Modelling a Resilient Supply Chain of the Extractive Mining Industry

Marco Cen  homepage   Mail
Physics / Electrical Engineering
Polymer Nanocomposite Based Microsensor for Strain Measurements of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites

Christoph Greulich  homepage   Mail
Dipl. Inf.
Mathematics / Computer Science
An Agent-based approach to Multicriteria Process Optimization in Intralogistics for Mass Customization

Supara Grudpan  homepage   Mail
Mathematics / Computer Science and Production Engineering
Design and Development of a Framework for Collaborative Serious Games in the Field of Logistics and Urban Mobility for Higher Education and Vocational Training

Gabriel Icarte Ahumada  homepage   Mail
Mathematics / Computer Science
Negotiations in an Agent-based Dispatching in Highly Dynamic Environments

Wacharawan Intayoad  homepage   Mail
Production Engineering
Development and Evaluation of Automatic Business Process Analysis System in Manufacturing and Logistics Based on Large-scale Transaction Data and Context Information

Ayesha Khan  homepage   Mail
M.Phil Economics
Business Studies / Economics
Economic and Strategic Implication of China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Role of Supply Chain Management

VishnuPriya Kuppusamy Parimalam  homepage   Mail
Physics/ Electrical Engineering
Context-Aware Data Dissemination Framework for Destination-less Opportunistic Networks

Chanaka Lloyd  homepage   Mail
Physics / Electrical Engineering
Airflow Pattern Analysis and Optimization of Quality Degradation Warning Systems with Airflow Parametric Data in Transport Systems

Sayed Mehdi Shah  homepage   Mail
Production Engineering
Monitoring External Supply Chain Risks in Global Apparel Sourcing by Combining Statistical Data with Text Mining Analysis of News

Feroz Ahmed Siddiky  homepage   Mail
Computer Science
Human Activity Understanding by Watching Videos

Ambreen Zaman  homepage   Mail
Mathematics and Computer Science
Embodied Interaction and Applications

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