The International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics (IGS) aims to identify, describe, and model the intrinsic dynamics of present logistic processes and networks. By exploiting new technologies, new dynamic planning and control processes will be researched and developed. The IGS pursues an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to higher education. It offers the opportunity to complete an efficiently structured doctoral training programme in the Bremen Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics (LogDynamics).
The objective of the IGS is to foster excellence in education and research by providing an optimal environment. The IGS meets the challenge of globalisation through practice-oriented research within a scope of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural cooperation. The research revolves around four topic areas:
  • Theme 1: Business models, decision processes and economic analyses of dynamics in logistics
  • Theme 2: Holistic interdisciplinary methods for modelling, analysis and simulation of dynamics in logistics
  • Theme 3: Adaptive and dynamic control methods in logistics
  • Theme 4: Synchronisation of material, information, decision and financial flows
The IGS improves the career perspectives of early-stage researchers by offering a structured doctoral training as well as providing complementary skills and introducing researchers to industry and the international scientific community.
There are numerous opportunities for doctoral candidates to participate in international conferences. Another incentive is the option of actively contributing to the content and organization of the bi-annual International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC), a conference series set up by LogDynamics.
IGS was offering within its Erasmus Mundus Mobility Project further research topics and ideas for projects that were also offered by further supervisors of LogDynamics. Please, check the websites of the members of LogDynamics to develop an interesting research proposal.