Thema 1

Theme 1: Business models, decision processes and economic analyses of dynamics in logistics
  • Haasis: Decision Building Processes in International Supply Chain Integration
  • Haasis: Measurement of Economic Benefits and Costs of Logistics Clusters
  • Haasis: Business Models for Logistics Services on Demand
  • Haasis: Strategic Controlling of Cargo Mobility in Line with Urban/Regional Development
  • Haasis: Interdependencies between Mobility and Immobility
  • Thoben: Principles to Establish Flexible Logistics Networks in Dynamic Production Environments
  • Thoben: Collaborative Business Process Modelling in Dynamic Logistic Networks
  • Malaka: Business Models, Decision Processes and Economic Analyses of Dynamics in Logistics
  • Malaka: Interactive Support of Humans for Controlling and Managing Logisitc Systems